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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Communities / Chat Rooms | What sort of rooms don't get accepted?

  1. Rooms created solely for a small group that does not admit outside chatters.
  2. Rooms created for the sole purpose of cybersex. An M rating doesn't mean that your room can house this sort of activity.
  3. Rooms with staff or hosts that have been removed from room level positions, or have been subject to disciplinary actions. A room may be pulled if the host/co-hosts suffer sufficient disciplinary actions and are unwilling to allow the room to be given or to another staff member to host.
  4. Rooms that are spun off from other public IMC rooms as a reaction to disciplinary issues in that room. This is especially if the presence of the new room is clearly used as a basis to create discord in the previous one. (E.g. "Come join spiffy new room X, because room Y doesn't have to suck.) IMC can't sanction this sort of behavior.
  5. Rooms that already exist in the same form. There are ways to make any room different from others of similar genre.

    Rooms may exist in the same genre (such as World of Darkness) if the world created is different from other types that exist on IMC. The more variety, the better.

    For example, a Changeling-specific room, a Werewolf-specific room, etc., or a room where major events (such as Ragnorak) may or may not have occurred. Geographic location of where the game takes place is also taken into consideration.

    A simple rule of thumb: the more points of similarity that can be found with an existing room, the more problematic it is. Multiple rooms that use a) the WoD system and b) are set in NYC in c) the present day, for instance, would be disallowed.

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