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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Communities / Chat Rooms | What sort of rooms get approved for SPR, FPR and public?

The following are thing we look for in rooms that are approved as SPRs, FPRs, and public rooms.

  1. Host and Staff who are members in good standing. This means that the room's staff must not have been subject to recent disciplinary actions. If you're in doubt, please check here and inquire with the room department before submitting the room application.
  2. Originality. New rooms should have something to differentiate from existing rooms.  For instance, if there's already a Marvel or DC Comics-style room on the site, there should be a significant difference in the way your room is being handled from the existing room (aside from the people running it) -- i.e., a Marvel 2099 room vs. a standard Marvel canon room.
  3. Activity as an unsupported PR. We want to see 1-3 months worth of activity, if possible, so we know that your room will be used and have a community. We keep statistics of all the activity on the site, so we can always backdate activity checks for a room.  If a host believes their room warrants being moved to SPR relatively soon (or even immediately), they are free to email the Room Department and have us check into it.
  4. Supporting materials on the home page. Check the room requirements for the full list.
  5. A means for the players to contact the room staff. Email, AIM, ICQ, message board, mailing list, etc. it doesn't really matter as long as chatters have this ability.
  6. All information requested on the form must be present, accurate, and complete. PLEASE make sure you list your staff by their mun names on the application. This saves ALL of us time and effort to get it right the first time.

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