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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basic IMC information | Registering with IMC and IMC Accounts

How to make an IMC account.

How do I register with IMC?
To register with IMC, click the "JOIN!" link at the top of the page here. Be sure you read the Terms of Service completely and understand the Site Rules before signing up.

How long does it take for an account to be approved?

Generally about 48 hours, though it usually takes less than that. If 48 hours has gone by since you submitted your application and you haven't received a confirmation email, don't sign up for another account. Contact our Accounts Sysop, Genji (thegline@im-chat.com).

How come my account didn't go through?

Accounts may be rejected for a variety of reasons. If you didn't supply enough information with your app, such as a valid email address, you won't be approved. If you are a previously banned user trying to get back onto IMC by creating a new account, then you definitely won't be approved. We may also reject an account because of a username or handle which is against IMC's standards. Obscene or offensive usernames or handles will not be approved, since they can be seen by anyone on the site, and we do have areas that are designed to be friendly to children.

Can I use my IMC account on more than one computer?

Yes, you can. However, when you're finished using that account on that computer, be sure to log out so that the next person on that PC doesn't use your account by mistake.

Can I have more than one IMC account?

If for whatever reason you want to have more than one IMC account, contact our Accounts SysOp, Genji (thegline@im-chat.com), before submitting an application for the second account. This way we can note that the second account belongs to you ahead of time.

Can more than one person use IMC on the same computer?

This is a commonly-asked question and can be summed up a couple of different ways. If by this you mean can two people use two different IMC accounts on the same machine at the same time, the answer is only if the two of them are using totally different browsers, such as IE and Netscape. Otherwise, the only way they can do this is by signing out and signing in again.

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

If you've forgotten your username or password, but you still remember or have access to the email account you used to sign up with IMC, you can have your username and password emailed to you automatically.

To do this, go to this URL -- http://im-chat.com/oops -- and enter your email address in the form provided.

What if I can't remember anything about my account?

If you're really stumped and you can't remember even the email address you used, get in touch with our Accounts Sysop, Genji (thegline@im-chat.com).

How do I change my username?

If you want to change your username (i.e., your MUN name or login), email Genji (thegline@im-chat.com) with the requested changes.

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