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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A few words about our privacy policy.

Our policy about privacy is simple. We will never rent, sell, give away, or otherwise disclose ANY personal information about you, unless we are required to do so in the course of a law-enforcement investigation.

The only personal information that is disclosed is the email address that you use to sign up with IMC, and that information is only available to room hosts, room staff, and sysops. Chatters do not have access to your email address unless you post it publicly. If you receive unsolicited email from a room host, you have grounds for filing a complaint.

We're not a commercial site. We don't have paid advertisers, just banners to promote rooms within IMC (which are provided freely). Nobody pays for IMC except for IMC's owners and operators, and the folks who donate every month to keep it running. Because of that, we don't have to use anyone's personal information in exchange for ad dollars.

We do use cookies to track logins, which are kept on your browser. We do not use cookies to track anything else other than one's username and password. We do not send unsolicited email to addresses used for IMC signups, ever.

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