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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | The IMC Forum

An overview of the IMC Forum, or "BBS."

What is the IMC Discussion Forum?
The IMC Discussion Forum is a series of host- and sysop-maintained bulletin boards, or BBSes, on which registered IMC users can post and respond to topics of interest.

The Forum is broken into two categories: the Main IMC BBS Folder and the Room Bulletin Boards.

Main IMC BBS folders

The Main IMC BBS folders contain messages of interest to all IMCers. These are organized into several folders, such as General IMC Announcements (for new information), Roleplaying Rec Room (for people looking for RP or starting new rooms), and so on.

When you post to a folder, you can also select a subtopic to post with, which will vary depending on the forum you are in.

Room Bulletin Boards

The Room Bulletin Boards are BBSes devoted to public rooms on the site. These are moderated and maintained by the hosts of those rooms. Here, you can post and reply to subjects of interest for those rooms. You can also categorize your posts, same as you can on the main BBSes.

Reading the forums

When you enter a folder in a forum, you will see the messages organized into "threads" based on topics. Every reply to a message is indented and below the message being responded to. Click on the message title to read the message, and you can reply directly to it in the space provided below.

The most recently-posted-to threads are moved to the top of the list. This way current topics stay current, and less popular ones are pushed down. Older topics may be deleted entirely by the hosts or sysops.

Private Forums

If you are creating a private, unsupported room and want to use the Message Board system, you can do so by choosing a name for your private message board and typing it into the box on the main Forum page. Because these forums are unsupported, there are many features not available in them -- pinning of messages, locking of threads, and so on. Any threads in the private forum are automatically deleted after not being posted to or revised for thirty days. Messages in these private forums are also checked regularly by the admins for abuse.

Administering Forums

Room hosts can administer the message boards for their public rooms in several ways:

Messages can be deleted by simply clicking the Delete link next to a message. Note that when you delete a message, all of its subordinate messages vanish as well.

The Prune function allows you to take a message from a thread and turn it into a new thread, with all of its subordinate messages attached. The Graft function does the opposite -- it attaches one thread to another at a particular point.

Pin allows you to insure that a particular thread remains at the top of the message board. This is useful for announcements or topically relevant posts.

Lock prevents any further changes or additions to be made to a thread.

Forum Rules

No flaming. Flaming is when you attack someone personally instead of discussing their point of view. "I think you're wrong and here's why" is not flaming; "you're a @#$&%ing idiot" is.

Keep the tone of your messages palatable to all. If you are fond of making excessively sarcastic posts to someone privately, that's one thing, but posting messages like that in public can be misinterpreted. If too many people see snide banter between what they assume to be complete strangers they may assume it to be the norm. It isn't. Joking is OK, but catty combacks aren't, even if they are intended to be in jest.

Also, if you need to qualify what you say with things like "this may sound insulting" or "I mean no offense" or "I probably shouldn't say this" -- don't say it at all. These phrases do not remove the feeling that those being addressed are being insulted or make the speaker sound any less condescending.

Keep posts on-topic. Offtopic posts for a particular folder will be deleted or moved to the appropriate folder.

NO SHOUTING!!! You can make your point without resorting to ALL CAPS or !!!lots of exclamation points!!!

No violating any of the regular IMC rules. The Terms of Service apply here as they do everywhere else on the site.

No foul language or profanity. Self-explanatory. Note, however, that M-rated rooms may have such language within posts (although not in post titles).

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