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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Communities / Chat Rooms | Give and Take of becoming a Public Room on IMC

What are the tradeoffs of being a public room vs. a private one?

What we mean by give and take is just that. If you wish to be supported fully as a public room, then you must be willing to give up a little control.

While it is perfectly fine for a PR host to run a totalitarian ship, supported rooms, but especially public rooms, are held on a high level of decorum. What are your rights as a public room host?

  • You have the right to ban chatters who are disruptive to your room or who refuse to follow the rules.
  • You have the right to preemptively ban people who have been disruptive in other rooms and who you view as a probable problem to your room.
  • You have the right to ensure your home page stays with the room. This means that the designer of your home page can not pull it out from under you for any reason.
  • You have the right to use all the features that IMC has developed for its chat rooms on the site.
  • You have the right to enforce your room's rules equally to all players and swiftly.

What rights do you give up upon becoming a public chat room?

  • You can not tell chatters they must kill them off their characters, unless it is specified in the rules upon becoming public that the room may be 'reset' from time to time, or unless your rooms rules allow for one player C to kill off another player C without permission.
  • You can no longer simply run the room in any way you see fit. You must abide by your own room's rules.
  • You can not abuse your authority within the room. If you do so, it can result in one of several options.
    • Unless the complaint is overly excessive, hosts will be given a warning and a 3 month probation for abusing power within a public chat room.
    • If the abusive behavior continues and if the room was brought up through the level system we have provided, the host will be given the option of removing the room for IMC's supported lists or turning over the room to a new host.
    • If the abusive behavior continues and the room has either been on which has been handed down from host to host, or was set up by IMC itself, then the host will be removed and a new host will be selected.
    • You can not be abusive towards your chatters. This is for any supported room on IMC. TO do so is in violation of IMC's terms of service and thus held as a site infraction, not simply a room matter.

While we realize that there is a fine line between strictly enforcing the rules and becoming abusive, we take great effort to ensure that hosts of public rooms have proven themselves to be fair and just already. Upon occasion, circumstances change and we have to look into the matter. As you can see, we do not really ask that much from you in a trade off to become public.

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