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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Communities / Chat Rooms | What does 'chatter in good standing' mean?

(or who is acceptable for what room positions)

These are the policies of the rooms Dept on who is entitled to hold a position in a room that is supported in any way by IMC. While we do understand that everyone is human, we also understand that hosting/co-hosting and being staff of a room is a BIG responsibility. To ensure that the people who are in these positions are capable of handling such a responsibility, we have had to set down certain guidelines.

  • Hosts: A clean record means simply that there are NO site suspensions or room bans. While we prefer our hosts/co-hosts or staff members to have a clean record, we understand it is not always the case. Below are some of the guidelines on when you can become a host/co-host or staff after having a disciplinary action taken, or when you can gain your hostdom or staffdom back if you received one while you were hosting or staffing a room already.
  • A minor site suspension (such as a cooling off period) = 3 months inability to hold a host/co-host or staff member position and 3 more months of probationary period. The user MUST maintain a clean record. If a room ban or suspension is given after that for any reason, the user must begin the time frame all over, adding on another 3 months which makes it a total of 9 months to wait. After the third offense the user is no longer able to hold a host/co-host or staff member position on IMC at all.
  • A major site suspension = 6 months of inability to host/co-host or staff member, plus a 3 month probationary period. IF a second serious site ban or suspension is committed, the user becomes unable to hold a host/co-host position on IMC. For minor site suspensions add 3 months on to this time, so the wait would now be 1 year to regain the ability to hold a host/co-host or staff member position.
  • Source Handle requests made through improper channels = We expect our hosts/co-hosts and staff members of all rooms to know how to use Google and how to appropriately request source material handles. Sometimes there is a mistake made, we understand this. However, 3 or more source request made through improper channels resulting in a handle ban of at least 1 week and during a time span of 3 month will result in placing the host/co-host or staff member on a 3 month probationary period. Continued problems with SMH over a long period of time will result in eventual review of the person’s position and perhaps changing their position or removing them from said position.

These are the policies of the Rooms Dept on how to get new staff approved in any supported IMC room.

  • For SPR and FPR hosts: Before telling a chatter that you want them to be staff of your room, make sure to check with the rooms deparment to ensure they will meet the guidelines. We will need their IMC Mun handle (you can find that by placing your cursor over their gummi) and their official IMC email address or another handle they use. Please be sure the spelling is accurate. We will need this information when removing staff from the room as well.
  • For Public Room hosts: You have the ability to request staff changes through your host panel. However, make sure you do not inform the chatter that they ARE going to be staff, simply that you are considering them.

Once we check the user’s record, we will reply to you as to whether they are capable of holding said position or not. Due to privacy issues, we may not be able to disclose to the host why they can not be accepted at this time, or will be able to give limited information on such.

If you have any further questions, please email us.

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