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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roleplaying Online | My son/daughter/whatever wants to play online, but I'm worried. Are these games addictive?

Yes they are, like any good pastime. And as with any pastime, there are people who get TOO involved. Like the golfer who spends his rent check on new clubs, or the car nut who would rather fiddle with his custom dragster than spend time with his family, an online role-player will often find their schoolwork or social life being sacrificed for play.

If you're worried, limit the time spent online to a specific hour every night or something. Tell them to stay out of rooms with adult content. As always, use common sense. And if your son/daughter/whatever starts dressing like their character…well…don't panic yet. Talk about it with them. Um. That's about all I can say. If they start drinking blood, call the vicar. If they sacrifice the cat to Tahkisis, call the cops.

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