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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roleplaying Online | I'm meeting my vampire lover offline... should I let him drink my blood on the first date?

Okay, this is very important.

You are not a vampire. You do not have magic powers, you are not immortal, you cannot turn yourself invisible, you cannot fly, and you really shouldn't be drinking blood.
Let's all do a reality check here, okay? Vampires are make-believe. People who drink blood are no longer role-playing, they're living in the Land of Mental Illness. People who think they can cast spells or curses are living next door, in the Kingdom of Delusion. If you start to think that you're a vampire, or that you have magic powers…you're going too far. Get help. Talk to a counselor or something. I'm serious.

To clarify, yes, we know that some beliefs accept the power and reality of magic spells or curses. We may not agree with their claims, but we recognize that their adherents are usually sane, mentally stable people. If you start thinking you can cast the spells in the AD&D Player Manual or that you have the powers listed in the Mage: The Ascension rule book you're losing your grip on reality.

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