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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roleplaying Online | No one will role-play with me. Am I an unlovable worm?

I can't see you from here, so I can't say. Seriously, I can't say why no one will join in your role-play. Maybe you're not putting yourself in a situation where people have any reason to get involved. Maybe the people playing are in a pre-plotted role-play, and don't want any outsiders involved. Keep trying, I guess. Or move to another room and see what's what.

Whatever you do…don't get mad. If you feel consistently left out, talk to the room host. Maybe the host can find a plot for you to get involved in. If you feel you're being purposefully excluded by the chatters and staff... well, keep cool, they might have a reason. Send some email to mediation and we'll look into it.

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