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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basic IMC information | Picture Regulations

What we do and do not require on a site level.

Pictures must be 60K or smaller in file size, and can not be animated. There are no pixel size limits mandated by the System Administration. Pictures including the following content are unacceptable even in M rated rooms.

Women's nipples showing.
Genitalia on either gender.
Pubic hair.
Sex acts (including masturbation).

Please refer to individual room homepages for specific community standards which are frequently more strict.

There seems to be some confusion regarding use of images in IMC rooms. To clarify the issue:

1) Only an image CREATED by an individual (not edited - created from 'scratch') can be considered to be owned.

2) If an image (drawing or photograph) meets IMC standards regarding size and content, IMC has no other restrictions on the use of that image. Individual rooms can have additional rules if desired, but cannot impose their rules onto any other IMC room. For example, a room based on the television show 'West Wing' may require all players to use images from the television show for the appropriate character. They cannot, however, prevent a player from using an image of one of those actors in another room.

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