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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basic IMC information | Chain of Responsibility

The difference between room matters and site matters. Who things should go to and why.

There is a chain of responsibility in matters on IMC, just as there is at a work place, or in the military. Jumping the chain of command will not only not get what you need done, it will annoy both the person the issue should have been sent to, as well as the person it wrongly does get sent to.

If you have a problem within a room, go to the room staff.

If you have an issue with another chatter, and it isn't a violation of IMC terms of service, got to the room staff or host.

If you have a problem with a room staff member, go to the room host.

Violations of room rules should be handled by room staff, and will only be handled by IMC Site personal if there are no room staff present, or if the room staff request assistance. The only time IMC Site staff will interfere in a room is in the case of a violation of the trust between the room administration and the chatters. In short, an abuse of power.

On a related note, rules which are on the home page but not enforced are an abuse of power. We don't want to hear a room staffer or host say, "Oh, we don't enforce that one." If you don't follow the rule, it shouldn't be there, or you should be following it. The reason this is so important is that it takes away from community standards. There is no way for a chatter to tell what the "real" rules are from the "not real."

Appeals of a hosts ruling should deal with matters of a serious nature, such as a TOS violation. "S/he wont let me play the character I want," is not a matter that should be appealed to a site level.

Violations of the Terms of Service or the site rules are the only things you should approach a site staffer with. Site rules always supersede room rules, and staff will always be held to a higher standard of behavior than the average user. With the authority comes responsibility.

Unless it is an emergency, use email. Do not AIM or PM us unless, to give a few examples: a user who has been previously banned has somehow come back on the site; the site has apparently crashed or malfunctioned; a user is openly violating one of the three major site rules.

In addition, do not assume just because one of us is in the room, that we are aware of every post made in the room. If we're role playing, especially in a busy room, we are not going to be reading every post.

Please note that you do not have the right to choose who on the site staff will handle your complaint, or to go to a particular person you believe will rule in your favor. This didn't work (or shouldn't have) with your parents, and it won't work here. If you ever have a question as to who is in charge of an area, look at the Site Staff Roster.

Handles and Registrations: go to Genji (thegline@im-chat.com).
New Rooms and Room Relations: go to Radar (jenniferwylie@yahoo.com).
Technical Bugs: go to Genji (thegline@im-chat.com).
Damage Control and Mediation, including complaints about staffers or sysops: go to Complaints (complaints@im-chat.com).

Attempts to circumvent a SysOp's authority will only result in you being referred back to the person you should have emailed in the first place.

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