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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ | Known Bugs in IMC [Click to see summary view]

A list of all known bugs or unxpected behaviors in IMC which are currently known about.

NOTE: Because of the speed with which we address existing issues and add new features, the latest and greatest bug reports are not going to be tracked here. See instead the IMC Code Central forum, where we keep all the most up-to-date bug/feature information.
No computer program is perfect, and IMC has its fair share of bugs. If you run into something which is on this list, we know about it and we're working on it. If you've run into something you don't believe is listed here, contact Genji (thegline@im-chat.com).

Important: What to do if you find a bug?
If you see something strange happening in a room and you think it's a bug, post a detailed message about it on the IMC Code Central board, and use the "Bug Report" topic. We'll do our best to look into it quickly.

Keep in mind: Not everything may be a bug, and not everything may be immediately fixable. But we do take any problems seriously, and we will at least let you know if what you've seen is normal behavior or a problem that deserves research.

You receive a "Validation of Viewstate MAC failed" error.

This error tends to come up if one of two things have happened: one, the data you received was corrupted in some way; two, the site had to be brought all the way down for maintenance and you had a browser window open to a room.

If this happens, reload the room from scratch.

A given user cannot connect to IMC at all, while other users seem to connect just fine.

This is not an IMC bug per se, but may be a result of poor network conditions or a misconfigured computer. There are periods where IMC may not be available by anyone at all, but that is either due to the system being worked on or a failure of our hosting network (the latter we cannot do anything about).

We have expended a great deal of effort to insure that the IMC server itself is not the source of these problems. If you are unable to connect to the server for an extended period of time, you may want to consult the Internet Traffic Report to see if the network is in bad shape. (The more red or yellow you see in the chart, the worse things are.)

Attributes Panel doesn't work in IE, even when I allow popups from IMC.

IE has some extra protections against popup windows. To allow IMC to work correctly in IE:

Go to Tools | Internet Options | Security in IE.
Select "Trusted Sites".
Click "Sites".
Add *.im-chat.com.
Click OK to close each window.

Note that you may have to uncheck the "Require Server Verification For All Sites In This Zone" box.

Also make sure ALL pop-up blockers (you may have more than one running at once!) allows pop-ups from IMC.

Accelerator keys do not work in Firefox 2.0 and higher.

Problems With Keybindings In Some Browsers

Some people have reported when using Firefox 2.0 that fast-access keys in rooms (like Alt-S to send) don't work. That's because Firefox 2.0 uses a different default keybinding for fast-access keys in webpages: it's now Shift-Alt instead of just Alt alone, to keep it from conflicting with the regular menu commands.

If you liked the old behavior, you can fix this manually. Type about:config in the URL bar in FF, hit Enter, and then in Filter type ui.key to narrow down the results. Set the following values:

ui.key.chromeAccess to 4
ui.key.contentAccess to 4

This should cause the key bindings to behave like they used to.

Note that if some keybindings do not work, you may have another application that is trapping them. ICQ, for instance, traps Ctrl-Shift-I by default no matter what program you're in.

Note also that some browsers trap the hotkey commands as well. Flock, for instance, traps Ctrl-Shift-B to open a blog client window. If the cursor is anywhere other than the text area when you're typing, then the browser's commands take precedence.

About overlapping tags

HTML tags are designed to be nested, but they are not supposed to overlap each other. Some browsers have problems rendering HTML where tags overlap.

This is an example of overlapping tags:

text heretext here

This would be a correct version:

text heretext here

Entering a room with an IE bookmark causes all of the posts from the beginning of the day to be displayed.

IE has a peculiar behavior where it will preserve form data if you make a bookmark from a page that is the result of a POST action (i.e., a form submission). If you see this happen, delete the bookmark, re-enter the room from its doorway page, and re-create the bookmark.

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