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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Terms of Service and Disciplinary Actions | What do I do if I see someone else breaking the rules?

I don't want to be a snitch, but....

If there is a staff member in the room, PM them and tell them what you've seen. Do NOT assume that they have also seen it just because you have. If an room or site administrator is role playing, they may not even be looking at posts other than that of their partner.

If there is no staff member in the room at the time, and it is not an emergency (room disruption, breaking of the Terms of Service, etc... write the room host and explain what you've seen. Include the user name and a log of the events if possible.

If no one is around, and it's a time-sensitive issue, then, and only then, contact a site admin and they will address the situation.

If you believe you are witnessing a site-level issue, write a letter to Complaints (complaints@im-chat.com), and your problem will be dealt with by the Conflict Mediation and Damage Control (CM&DC) staff. Please refer to the Chain of Responsibility if you are unsure what is a room issue and what is a site issue. Also, and this is important, read the document "Filing Formal or Site-Level Complaints" to get an idea of what constitutes a valid complaint and how to file one. Frivolous or irrelevant complaints will not be considered.

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