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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Terms of Service and Disciplinary Actions | IMC's Terms of Service

The basic rules for the use of IMC.

Illusionary Minds Chat (IMC) believes that so long as these terms of service are met (see also “Site Rules”) how chat communities conduct themselves is up to them. Each community is encouraged to control its own destiny. Users should also familiarize themselves with IMC's Privacy Policy before using the service.

  1. AGE RESTRICTIONS. Users of IMC must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to register an account on the site, and at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter into and interact with M-rated rooms. Users found to be in violation of these rules will have their accounts terminated.
  2. ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Chatters shall not engage in any illegal activities on or through the chat service (including but not limited to advocating hacking, cracking or spamming; distribution, use or advocacy of software piracy; illegitimate redistribution of copyrighted material; acts of vandalism and other forms of harassment) defined by the laws in both their own place of residence and in the United States where IMC is based; child pornography in any form (including but not limited to advocacy, distribution or participation in same); and use of the chat for advertising purposes for a business without prior permission. Such permission will be evaluated based on the form and content of the promotion. This includes but is not limited to spamming other rooms to advertise a room be it on IMC or elsewhere.
  3. SUITABILITY OF ROOMS. While IMC is happy to offer an M rating for some rooms, IMC will not accept application for rooms for which the primary purpose appears to be cyber-sex. Any room that degenerates into that state will be removed.
  4. STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR. Chatters are expected to behave respectfully towards each other and towards IMC site administrators, regardless of the room or community to which they belong. This includes but is not limited to: accepting and complying with the room's expectations for behavior; following the room rating; not taking part in any sort of impersonation or attempts to defraud.
  5. AUTHORITY. IMC's administration's standards of behavior will supersede room standards of behavior for IMC administrative actions.
  6. IC VS. OOC. IMC recognizes the difference between a chatter's own discussions ("out of character" / "OOC"), and a character's fictional actions as played by a chatter ("in character" / "IC"), both of which are subject to the community standards for the room in which the roleplay takes place. IMC expects the clear use of out of character (OOC) indicators on the part of the chatters to define in and out of character actions and statements.
  7. UPLOADED MATERIAL. All material uploaded to and stored on IMC's servers, including user images and avatars, must also conform to the guidelines described in these terms of service.
  8. PRIVILEGE OF USE. IMC reserves the right to cancel accounts at the discretion of the site owners and administration. Use of IMC services is a privilege and not a right.
  9. LEGAL GOVERNANCE. All dialogue and interactions which are facilitated by IMC are subject to U.S. law. IMC accepts no responsibility for your actions here, and cooperates in good faith with law enforcement agencies.
  10. SERVICES PROVIDED AS-IS.  IMC's services are provided AS IS. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided with the service. We do strive to insure continuous uptime and availability for the service, but we cannot guarantee it and will not be held liable for damages, loss or other remuneration in the event of a service outage.
  11. NO AMENDATIONS. This document constitutes the entirety of the Terms of Service and may not be amended or changed by anyone except IMC's own staff. By signing up with and using IMC, you have implied that you agree to meet these requirements without argument.

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