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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Communities / Chat Rooms | How do we set up a new chat room on IMC?

Here are the guidelines and other important information to get your new community started on IMC.

IMC's requirements for rooms might be completely different from what most of you are used to seeing. Some sites use(d) the petition method, letting chatters tell them what rooms they would like to have available to them. These rooms often lacked structure, as the hosts were never actually seen as "leaders". Other sites provided private rooms where very well structured rooms struggled to get the recognition they had earned. IMC's room department has perhaps upped the requirements made by other sites, but did so because we want rooms here to survive and provide structure for their chatters.

IMC has tried to find a stable balance that is worked on from time to time. IMC provides four room types that we have found serve our hosts very well, these include: Private Rooms, Supported Private Rooms, Featured Private Rooms, and Public Rooms. The requirements and perks of these levels are described below.

To get a room going on IMC we recommend using the requirements for Supported Private Rooms, set a name for the room and start meeting within a Private Room. Use the appropriate IMC message board to announce you are starting a room and activities within your room. If you have questions about the process or would like some feedback on the work you've done thus far feel free to email us.

Once you feel as though you're ready to move onwards, use the room application form to apply for Supported Private room status.

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