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IMC Chatrooms: Comics, Video Games and Animation

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Listed below are the publicly-hosted rooms in the Comics, Video Games and Animation genre available on IMC. We also have the option of creating private chat rooms on the fly. This allows people to create new communities. 

Every chat room has an appropriate rating on the doorway. This is a wholly voluntary standard that we have put in place so that the rooms that are most "friendly" to children will be clearly indicated.

Alternate DBZ "Dragonball Z" themed room. Good or evil, you can contribute to a universe-shaking balance, here.

Supported Private Rooms for this Hallway

These are IMC's current supported PRs in this genre, rooms that have not yet made the move to Public status. Clicking their name will take you to their homepage for more information. Room names shown here may not be actual room names! You will have to visit the room home page to learn those PR names.

Ghost Files Where the paranormal becomes normal.
Aftershock In 2009, the world was changed. This is what happened after.
Dark Ages: Lost Valley (Classic World of Darkness) game set in Upper Bavaria, 1265

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